Introducing Psychology

What is "Psychology?"

In scientific context, psychology is understood as "the science of behavior and mental processes" (Zimbardo, Johnson, McCann, 2012). The aim of Psychology as a scientific subject is to describe, explain, and predict the human beings behavior and experience.

Psychological findings are strongly based on empirical research and follow consequently scientific standards of research and theorising.

What is Psychology not?

  • Psychology is not Psychiatry!
  • Psychology is not Psychoanalysis!
  • Psychology is not Philosophy!

Although psychologists study the mind, that does not mean they can read your thoughts!
Psychologist are only able to predict the likelihood for a future behavior, decision or development, under the given certain conditions.

Scientific background of Psychology

Psychology as a scientific subject is based on several paradigms and traditions of theory and research. Nowadays the modern Psychology mainly links the findings of

  • neurosientific research
  • cognitive theory
  • dynamic-interactionistic ideas
  • cultural-comparative perspectives


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