What we Do

brings together the scientific up-to-date knowledge and international experience in three specialised fields of Psychology and Education:

This allows for certain diagnosis and training in all important fields of teaching and learning. Below you find some examples in cases we may could help and, in general, how we work.

If children do not follow parents and/or teachers advice

We analyse the childrens behavior and personality, as well as the environmental conditions in family and school.
We give advice for optimizing the interactions and supervise the advance.

If children are not able to concentrate in school and/or on homework

We use clinical tests and diagnosis instruments to make sure about the reasons, for example

  • inappropriate learning environment,
  • general and specific fears,
  • specific developmental disorder (mainly AD(H)D or Dyslexia)

According to the reasons, we give advice for optimizing the conditions of growing and supervise the advance, or offer a special training.

If children show a lack in learning motivation and/or success in school

We analyse the environmental conditions of learning and growing, in addition to clinical tests and diagnosis instruments, to make sure about the reasons: Problems of learning environment or a specific learning disorder in cognitive skills (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia).
According to the reasons, we give advice, supervise, and offer specialized trainings.

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... about the meaning of "coaching", the role and different types of "one-on-one interviews", the diagnostic process in general, the topics and contents of the trainings as well as the parenting courses and workshops we offer.

is headquartered in Cairo/Tagamoa Al Khamis, but works also allover Egypt.