What we Think

Our philosophy

The Philosophy of leans on what the famous writer Gubran Khalil Gubran expressed in his poem "Children":

To help parents and schools to be a stable bow which sends children forth as living arrows, strong and successful in live, and valuable for the society.

strongly agrees with this view on child, and also favorites such parent-child relations, focussing on the needs of the individual child.

Our goals

understands the given behavior of a child as the result of a complex, dynamic-interactionistic and reciprocal process of family, child, and further environment such as school and peers

takes into account:

The knowledge...

  • of empirical findings about conditions of growing and its developmental outcomes,
  • of empirical findings about methods to optimize the developmental outcomes.

This is for...

  • to understand the thinking and feeling of child and adolescent,
  • to explain a given behavior,
  • to make familiar with methods to convince child and adolescent,
  • to change a given difficult behavior.

The main matters

... are as follows:

  • The role of childrens play for success in life
  • Guiding children to a reasonable, age-related behavior
  • Enhance learning motivation in adolescents
  • Using psychology research findings to create adapted curricula for schools and study
  • Diagnosis of learning disorders/learning disabilities